<aside> 💬 We are an early-stage startup (12 employees; pre-product; recently raised $3M+ from Galaxy, Samsung, Sam Altman, Dapper Labs, etc.)


Matrix allows fans to own the brands they consume.

Our first product gamifies fan engagement for creators and other digital brands. We allow these brands to monetize normal fan activity through free-to-play game paradigms, such as battle passes and loot boxes.

In the second version of our product, we plan on re-using these same game paradigms. But this time, we'll be able to reward fans with real ownership of the brands they engage with.

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1. Ownership is Power.

It provides pride, wealth, and loyalty - yet these days we rent cars, houses, entertainment, and everything in between. Saddled with debt, we hardly even own ourselves (did you watch Squid Game?)

We believe in allowing you to take charge of your projects and be responsible for its success and setbacks. Simply put, the more invested you are in building the brand(s)' successes, the more you'll get out of it.


We empower creators through ownership of community. We empower fans through ownership of entertainment. We empower our team through ownership of work.

2. Creation is Growth.

Matrix is fundamentally a tool that allows communities and creators to fund themselves through their fans. Instead of selling out to rich suits in boardrooms, they're able to support themselves with their community and build exactly what their fans want to see.